#1 My cat gives me thumbs up.

funny cat memes thumbs up

#2 Me can be related to this meme.

funny otter shaking hands

#3 A Fantastic cat.

funny cat memes wind

#4 Me watching my crush.

funny dog memes watching crush

#5 Funny cow memes.

funny animal memes cow

#6 Me watching movies.

funny dog memes watching movies

#7 Those two gonna make some awfully cute puppies.

cute dogs kissing
Source: https://twitter.com/kaylynta

#8 Olympics sports: Bolt vs. Phelps-Ping Pong

funny Olympics athletes try different sports

#9 When Sweden Plays Against Denmark

sweden denmark scoreboard SWE-DEN

#10 We miss Joe.

funny barack joe biden memes

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