#1 The sign of alpacalypse or apocalypse?

alpacalypse has begun

#2 When you got the the same shape of mountain range.

the awkward moment

#3 Rend-a-fish in a hotel Belgium. A business for sad and lonely customers.

rent fish in hotel Belgium

via Charleroi Hotel

#4 Reading iHop menu in class.

reading ihop menu in class

#5 Game of Jumanji!


#6 The expectations and realities of video games.

game trailer and actual game

#7 Building a small bonsai in your car? Wrong!

funny garden

#8 Being antisocial sometimes is safer in this chaos society.

antisocial funny pic

#9 Even mannequin doesn’t want to work on Monday.

If Monday was a mannequin...

#10 Sending messages to your lover.

toilet funny mesages

5 Knots Pillows That Will Never Disappoint You.