#1 London Marathon Signs

London marathon, funny signs: run like United Airlines wants your seat!

Date: April 22nd, 2018
Link: London Marathon, 2018

#2 Cute little girl with mustache.

cute little girl with mustache.

#3 Japanese microwave sending a sign.

funny microwave problems: wrong signal.


#4 Things look like people.

funny things look like people.

#5 Proposed to your girlfriend with an engagement ring made by onion, she will cry a lot…

propose to your girlfriend with an engagement ring made by onion. She will cry a lot.

#6 McDonald’s order meal problems

funny McDonalds order spell wrong name phteven



#7 How to prank your office colleague with a coffee machine.

voice activated coffee machine, office prank ideas


#8 The best way to solve wrong parking problem

how people hate people who park their car like a douchebag.

#9 Little hero saved her mom with a piece of pizza.

youngest hero who saved her mom's life with pizza.

#10 School prank ideas: “wearing a special shirt”

kid funny shirt prank in school.

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