#1 NYC studio apartment for rent, easy commute.

NYC Studio apartment

#2 What’s your favorite season in Netflix?

pretty little liars funny meme

#3 Local car wash ideas: kids can play with a soap cannon to clean off cars.

car wash for children

#4 Harambe memes

cousin named diamond

#5 When your boss asked if your job is okay.

everything is under control

#6 So a chicken walking in front of KFC

fear no evil

#7 A simple way to track your pet turtle.

keep track of turtle

#8 The most American photo ever taken

the most American photo

#9 “i wanna be a mermaid”

wildest dream

#10 Using your mobile phone to take a moon picture. Expectations vs. Reality

take pictures of the moon

As A Christmas Gift: Son Paid Off Parents House Mortgage.