#1 Shopping online would be like…

free straw with drink purchase funny sign

#2 Kids going places: using iPad ad book stand.

iPad as book stand

#3 I can’t tell you which one is prettier, but I for sure know who the hottest one is.
girls in game of throne funny memes

#4 Awesome book vending machine.

book vending machine funny picture

#5 Pricey healthcare: go back to coma
pricey healthcare funny meme

#6 Amazing moment: man playing violin for crying baby.

man playing violin for a crying baby

#7 Low budget movie theater signs

spider-man poster funny memes

#8 That was a close one.
recovery memes

#9 Lost-phone-in-pocket syndrome.

when your phone not in your pocket funny memes

#10 Helping Grandma’s computer problems.

teach grandma use internet funny meme

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