#1 High heel saver. Every high street should have this..
High Heel saver

#2 The proper use for “America Mix” red white and blue Skittles

American Mix Skittles funny pictures

#3 Here is a photo of a proud Mom and her teenager.

bird in awkward teenage phases funny memes

#4 Bring a pack of gum to school, they said, it will be fine, they said.

fear of birds funny memes

#5 Is your right hand your girlfriend?

girlfriend trying to sneak pics funny truth

#6 The first problem for graduated student jobhunting.

how job hunting works funny introduction

#7 Creative name for tomato sauce: Red mustard.

identity crisis funny memes

#8 Student got suspension for bring a peacock into the school.

lonely peacock in school cafeteria funny pic

#9 Anything can happen in subway: see those people try to take a coffin through the subway ticket machine.

non refundable pre game funny memes

#10 This how I put my life together.

put a strap on dirt funny memes

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