#1 Order a Cheeseburger in Italian restaurant.

sir this is an italian restaurant

#2 This photo proves there was enough space for Jack and Rose.

jack and rose funny memes

#3 Collecting money for unlocking myself in battlefront II

collecting money for unlocking myself in battlefront II


#4 Kids nowadays vs. kids in 10 years ago

kid eating mud

#5 Playing Monopoly with father…

really bad dad jokes

#6 Dad made another pun

Pretty Sure This Epitomizes What A Dad Joke Is

#7 Why I love and hate Netflix at the same time.

netflix funny memes

#8 How UK people Twitter “Snow storm” in London.

funny twitter snow storm London

via Dailymail

#9 It’s fun to put googly eyes on the trash can.

googly eyes trash can

#10 Company that only hiring happy people.

employment discrimination

Beer Can Choir: It’s All About Holiday Decoration Spirits