#1 Checking Uber status on the mobile phone.

uber driver in trouble

#2 Me in group chat…

student's reply funny memes

#3 When teacher wouldn’t let the class watch Les Mis.

teacher prank

#4 How single woman thinks about their future life.

me in the future funny memes

#5 Gorilla glue that held this nation together.

HARAMBE funny meme: gorilla glue.

#6 This is not a concert.

grass funny memes

#7 When friend tell you to come over.

friends funny memes

#8 The awkward moment when father done the talk with son.

father and son funny memes

#9 New-born panda celebrates his birth.

baby panda funny pic

#10 Good guy in Chikfila

Chickfila can't be matched

10 Fresh Marriage Memes!#8 Buying A Gift For Husband.

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