#1 Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Linkedin

me on twitter,facebbok, tumblr,instagram,linkedlin

#2 A giant magnet can defeat North Korean Generals.

North Korean officers funny memes

#3 Best father and son T-shirts

best pair of tshirts

#4 How you feel go to a catholic school

catholic school

#5 Winter game: touch others with your cold hands.

disney frozen anna

#6 After writing my name and the essay title.

essay title writing funny memes

#7 How to prank people at an art gallery

glasses on the floor at art gallery

#8 You don’t know concentration until…

ice tray memes

#9 Real life of trnasformers

transformer funny memes

#10 My life can be related to this.

try to turn my life around

10 Fresh Memes! #6 Micheal Buble And His Christmas Songs.

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