#1 Dog memes: Dog missed his stop in the bus.

dog memes: cute dog in the bus
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#2 The only weight scale that can make you happy.

funny diet watcher weight scale

#3 This fox’s face is priceless.

dog memes: cute fox looking at dog

#4 So Zac Efron make a sleep photobomb to my parents in the first class flight.

parents vacation flight zac efron

#5 Don’t piss off your personal style adviser.

funny lady dress awkward

#6 This dog finds out his owner betrayed him.

funny dog betrayal face

#7 Shut up and take my money: Christmas sweater with wine pocket.

Christmas sweater gift shut up and take my money

#8 Taking Uber wisely: $10 Uber rider to the emergency room.

funny twitter uber ride ambulance room

#9 Grandmother bought Christmas baubles in Dunners Stores.

grandmonther bought Christmas baubles Dunnes stores

#10 Christmas holiday movies marathon.

funny watching Christmas movies

10 Fresh Christmas Memes Dump#8 Pringles Made A Christmas Pun.