#1 They have a weird relationship.

relationship between my son and cat

#2 Double guilt: Separate kid and your pet.

kids and dog funny memes

#3 Awesome boy saved allowance money to buy peanut butter for shelter dogs.

kid bought shelter dogs peanut butter

#4 The heart warm moment: Kid reads books to a shelter cat.

kid and shelter cat

#5 Daughter read books to kitty.

girl and cat

#6 When children playing with dogs

Children playing with dogs

#7 Awesome boy created shelter for dogs

boy created a no-kill animal shelter

#8 When dog meets new born baby.

baby and dog

#9 Memes compilation: This dog’s face is priceless.

funny dog playing with kids, memes compilation


#10 A cat’s desperate face.

dog adopted by kid

10 Fresh Memes! #6 Micheal Buble And His Christmas Songs.