#1 a quick chorus, “Deck the halls”.

a quick chorus, Deck the halls 双引号


#2 Angler may refer to: A fisherman who uses the fishing technique of angling.

true angler

#3 A rare photo of Spider-man in 2017

spider-man after watching youtube rewind 2017

#4 Dad gave a Christmas gift to his son.

funny Dad jokes christmas gift kid remote control car



#5 Why I hate group chat.

nobody responds in group chat

#6 Protester hugging soldier.

love is the most powerful weapon


#7 Have you ever seen how firefighters dancing to rain in the wildfire?

firefighters funny memes

#8 Funny Trump and Hillary singing songs.

donald trump hillary clinton baby it's cold outside

#9 The warning from climate scientists.

climate scientists warn

#10 Spot the Canadian in the campus in a snowy day.

canadian in the campus