11 Married Life Pictures That Prove Marriage Is Still Awesome.

#1 Husband pack lunch bag for wife.

funny husband pack lunch for wife

#2 Cool couple tried to embarrassing kids.

funny parent embarrassing kids

#3 Marriage argument.

funny old couple argument

#4 License plate 2hr poo.

funny license plate 2hr poo

#5 Married life: Frozen yogurt for pregnant wife.

funny pregnant wife frozen yogurt

#6 Wife packs lunch notes for husband everyday.

cool wife lunch notes for husband

#7 Wife welcome home card.

funny married life: wife welcome home card

#8 Subtle hints between husband and wife.

husband sending wife subtle hints

#9 When husband doing housework.

marriage status cover wife bed sheet

#10 Fridge magnet fight.

funny couple fridge magnets fight

#11 Couple tried to train cat switch off light.

funny married life training cat

10 Marriage Issues Explained By Tweets.

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funny grocery customer trick video

When An Acrobatics Shopping At Grocery.

dachshund wearing wooden spoon

This Dachshund Master Must Be A wizard.