#1 Wife is better than Google T-shirt.

my wife knows everything

#2 When you know the conversation is going wrong.

eat spice things in the house

#3 It’s time to test your husband pregnancy knowledge.

husband thought i'm pregnant

#4 My wife can be related to this grumpy cat.

nothing wrong

#5 How to take a good travel photo for your wife.

pic to be quick

#6 Married with a military husband, in camouflage mode.

picture of wife and husband

#7 It’s obvious who makes the decision in this house.

pillow arrangement in marriage

#8 This is the marriage relationship I’d like to have.

the couple will be together forever

#9 When your wife is bugging you the whole day.

wife bugging husband

#10 So scientists made a research about husband and wife.

women say about 20,000 words a day
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