#1 Dear Lord, Please don’t let my husband be home when all my online orders arrive. -Amen

funny memes: husband finds wife hobby lobby purchases

#2 Man vs. Woman

couple in bed memes

#3 “Marriage let’s you annoy one special person in the rest of your life.”

husband gave wife a photo during travel memes

#4 “My husband says I’m crazy, but I’m not the one who married me. “

Alcoholic wife memes

#5 Marriage is about sharing (almost) everything.

love memes: couple shares everything

#6 Problems of marring a beautiful wife.

beautiful wife memes

#7 Wife of the year.

marriage humor memes: wife and husband

#8 Smart man knows how to deal with marriage issues.

smart husband funny memes

#9 “Yes a**hole, I do care about you.”

wife makes lunch for husband memes

#10 Know your marriage therapy questions.

funny memes: marriage therapy problems

10 Marriage Issues Explained By Tweets.