#1 Both lawyers from divorcing couple are sitting there going “We get $350 an hour for Court time”.

divorcing couple splitting beanie babies in court

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#2 Wife made an apologizing cake for her husband.

apologize to husband after argument

#3 A bird photo which describes precisely of an ordinary couple.

bird couple funny memes

#4 Another funny text message between wife and husband.

funny messages of couple

#5 Funny marriage memes

husband and wife funny memes

#6 A funny note left by a newly-wed husband.

husband's note for the wife

#7 This is how it goes after marriage lasted 10 years.

marriage life funny memes

#8 Funny puns: Wife was hiding secrets.

wife hiding secrets

#9 When you got kicked out by your wife

wife kicked husband out

#10 Cute couple shirts: The relationship goals.

relationship goals

10 Memes Today!#8 Not All Heroes Wearing Capes.