#1 Funny marriage memes: Husband picked up 6 potatoes.

funny marriage memes husband wife

#2 Husband set a prank on his wife. This is how the divorce starts.

how to scare wife


#3 Waiting for my wife would be like…

husband memes

#4 Pick up a Baby shower card

husband picked up a baby shower card

#5 “Just do the exactly as my wife told…”

husband put spaghetti on stove

#6 Stand the noise when he is eating.

marriage memes

#7 Don’t share a tube with wife.

two types of people toothpaste

#8 Buying a gift for husband.

wife's gift

#9 Preparing a romantic bubble water for wife.

Women are so hard to please

#10 This is how a French woman fell into love in Paris.

story starting from Eiffel Tower

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