#1 Teachers when they see a kid getting beat up vs when they see a kid chewing gum in class.
#2 Student vs. Coach
#3 No smoking dogs!
#4 New level of comfort
#5 when you’re mad but you don’t know why you’re mad and you’re being rude and wanna stop being rude but can’t because you’re mad
#6 When your headphones are broken and it works only in a special position
#7 when you google one question and find the answers for the whole test
#8 This cat has a black chin, so it always looks surprised.
#9 Anubis has his sneakers on.
#10 Need money for my family in the rain forest.
#11 The baby like an emoij.
#12 In Australia, we don’t lock our doors because we’re scared of armed intruders. We lock our doors to keep the fucking roos out
#13 When you’re getting roasted & you hold back that one joke that will destroy a persons will to live
#14 If 99% people find you unattractive
#15 Deciding to live stream for the first time