Life Hacks Today. #9 Using Onion To Clear Stuffy Nose.

#1 Making festive touch for this holiday season.

Life hacks: making festive touch in holiday season

#2 Life hacks:Having trouble falling asleep?

tips: if you have trouble of falling asleep

#3 Winter tips: Shovel snow with non-stick cooking spray

winter tips: shovel snow with non-stick cooking spray

#4 Cleaning tips: Taking deodorant away with dryer sheet.

tips: dryer sheet can take deodorant away

#5 Winter tips: If your shirt/sweater has static cling

life tips: for shirt/sweater has static cling, put a safety pin in it.

#6 Travelling tip: Taking a photo of your luggage

travelling tips: taking photo of your luggage before travelling.

#7 Erase water stains with mayonnaise

life hacks:Mayonnaise erase water stain

#8 Download Netflix movies is easy.

tips: download Netflix movies

#9 Onion can clear your stuffy nose.

tips: put an onion near you at night if you have stuffy nose.

#10 Clean shoes stain with polish remover.

polish remover clean shoes stain

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