Life hacks compilations of 10 practical tips: clean shoe stains, wood table stains; do you even know that cashew nuts can kill tooth bacteria? Also a tip of how to spray peppermint oil can keep spider and mice far away from your home.

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# 1 Clean things out of your eyes

tips of clean things out of eyes

#2 Cashew nuts can kill tooth bacteria, good for your teeth.

life hacks: cashew nuts kill tooth bacteria

#3 Cooking vegetables with cold water or boiling water.

cooking vegetables tips boil water

# 4 Marshmallow with brown sugar.

marshmallow keeps brown sugar soft

#5 Mayonnaise to clean water stains.

Mayonnaise erase water stain

#6 Nail polish to clean shoes stains.

polish remover clean shoes stain

#7 Peppermint can keep spiders and mice away.

peppermint oil spiders and mice

#8 Eliminate stress and headaches.

Eliminate stress and headache

#9 Tea bags can absorb odor from smelly shoes.

Tea bags smelly shoes odor

# Life hacks: 10 Toothpaste can remove ink from your clothes.

toothpaste remove ink on clothes