#1 Buy now! Stocks are rising!
#2 A cat among the rabbits
#3 when you lied about your qualifications and experience for a job you applied for, and you get it, now you gotta figure out how to do it
#4 Be ware of dog
#5 another one: beware of the dog
#6 When you lie on your resume and get the job, but have no clue what you are doing.
#7 When you lied in your interview and now you have to act like you’re proficient in Excel.
#8 A dog pretending a dinosaur
#9 You’re pretending to work.
#10 When you lied on your resume
#11 This dog is broadcasting.
#12 This cat starts to work today.
#13 When you lied on your CV
#14 This dog starts to be a pilot
#15 When you lie in your CV that you can work under pressure with minimal supervision!