12 Funny Dog Memes #6 When The Lego Dog Arrives 

#1 Employee of the universe

best employee dog

#2 Big brothers looking after little sister

big dog brother

#3 Found my dog in the local Home Depot

dog lost in supermarket

#4 When dog shares the bed with the owner

dog side in bed

#5 Enjoy the bathtub

funny creature

#6 When the Lego dog arrives

lego dog

#7 This dog jumped into the car

perfect snapchat story

#8 When your puppy printer runs out of ink

puppy printer

#9 Surprise!

puppy toy

#10 Unexpected Charlie game

unexpected charlie

#11 Pup’s ears look like 2 other pups with ears

#12 Dogs terrifying train ride

dogs terrifying in train ride

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