Homeless Drug Addict Was Selling Kitten For Snake Food And Great People Rescued Them.

Homeless drug addict was going to sell these kitten to somebody who was going to feed them to their snake . A great couple bought them all. Below is the touching story of these kind people and the kitten. More info: imgure

There were four kitten left. Unfortunately the couple couldn’t save their mother. ” I fully expected her to be there when I arrived, but it was just two tweakers and a carrier with kittens that smelled like raw sewage. “

One of the female kittens was very sick so we took her to the vet. She almost didn’t make it. critical condition, the vet said she needed 24 hour care which she offered to do herself. She asked us what our plans were and we said we were going to take three of them to the local paws animal shelter. She asked to keep her.”

The other two kittens were taken into the shelter and promptly adopted.

The couple kept the last kitten and named him after Mega Man’s cat.

Meet Tango

He’s a naughty boy and moves very quickly.

Our cat Pax is six but suddenly acting like a kitten again. He fits in perfectly with our family.

The Kitten adopted by the vet has made a full recovery and has two giant dogs who love her.

More info: imgure

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