#1 Bake pie with aluminium foil for all kinds of shapes

cooking tips aluminium foil bake pie

#2 Store potatoes with apples, no more sprouts.

kitchen life hacks: Your potatoes won't sprout any shoots if you store them alongside apples. Apples contain ethylene, which stops their shoots from growing.

#3 Kitchen tips: Quickly cut cherry tomatoes with 2 plates.

cooking life hacks: To quickly cut cherry tomatoes, lightly squeeze them between two plates, then slice between with a sharp knife.

#4 Kitchen life hacks: How to store herbs with olive oil.

Kitchen tips: Don't throw out herbs that have gone yellow. Instead, place them in an ice cube tray and mix with olive oil.

#5 Cooking tips: boil golden egg!

Shake a raw egg for a minute, and then boil it. You'll end up with a real golden egg!

#6 Pineapples store tips: keep them upside down.

Kitchen tips: Pineapples should always be stored upside down; that way they'll become ripe quicker, and taste sweeter.

#7 How to store celery and broccoli with aluminium foil.

Vegetable store tips: You should always wrap celery and broccoli in aluminium foil to make them last longer.

#8 Simple way to store avocado with onion or apple cider vinegar

You can sprinkle an avocado with apple cider vinegar or store them with a piece of onion so they don't turn black.

#9 Homemade hot chocolate (with jar of Nutella and hot milk!)

When your jar of Nutella is almost empty, pour in some hot milk. You'll end up with very rich hot chocolate!

#10 Making replacement of mayonnaise.

Mix some sour cream with the yoke of a hard-boiled egg and a spoonful of mustard, and you'll have a good replacement for mayonnaise.

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