10 Things You Need To Know Before Visiting Italy.

#1 Trees grow in Italy

how trees grow in Italy

#2 Italian blood cells

Italian food salami

#3 How to cook Spaghetti in a tea kettle in a Italian hotel–Spaghettea

Italian food spaghetti tea kettle

#4 You need to bring a Italian electrical plug

Italy travel power plug adapter

#5 This is animals in Italy

Bears acting Italian animals

#6 How to pet your dog in Italy.

pet dog in Italian

#7 Italian Loch Ness Monster

funny Italian Loch Ness monster

#8 How to learn sign language in Italian

sign language in Italian

#9 This is Italian police officer

#10 And this awesome Pop and Italian President playing beatingbox.

Italian president Pop Francis Prez beatboxing

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