10 Ironic Memes #8 The Holy Spirit Warns You

#1 Sometimes we expect more from people, but we don’t realize that they’are sometimes unbelievably stupid.

aaa calls unlock car

#2 Free diabetes with purchase of large coke…

Ad placement fails

#3 Domino effect?

domino's funny pic

#4 The reason to visit Spain.

duct tape is american tape in spain

#5 Life is ironic.

emergency phone is out of service

#6 Healthy living starts…

health food ironic

#7 I got trust issues because people got lying issues.

ironic supermarket sign

#8 The holy spirit warns you, it’s up to you to pay attention.

texting while driving kills

#9 Eat good, feel good.

health matters and Mc Donald's

#10 Keep calm and get home safely.

welcome home funny pic

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