10+ Funny Meme Today #6 Iphone X. Camera VS Leonardo DiCaprio

#1 This cat follows the owner from room to room.
#2 Why did this crocodile fail to mate for 46 years?
#3 I’d like to my remains to be scattered at Disneyland.
#4 When did black lab start coming to the park?
#5 He did it all for the show. The best tips for losing weight.
#6 The iphone X. Camera quality vs Leonardo DiCaprio’s painting
#7 I want to be an astronaut, a scientist or a doctor.
#8 The judge gave you 2 months in jail for the cat pyramid scheme.
#9 When the mother got groceries.
#10 They make a compelling argument.
#11 Me telling a joke.
#12 Grandpa taking a nap in the onion farm

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