#1 The feeling to get your broken headphones work again.

iPhone memes headphone broken

#2 Messing with your iPhone settings because you’re bored.

funny iphone memes apps playing

#3 Using 4 hours of 4G instead of Wifi.

funny memes:funny mobile phone LTE Wifi Internet

#4 Wrongly closing your music app.

iPhone memes music apps

#5 When you missed the phone call.

funny memes missed phone calls

#6 Normal actions when my phone battery is lower than 10%.

phone memes low battery charging

#7 Funny iPhone case: Little privacy, please!

funny iphone case

#8 Checking your iPone to find out what time it is.

funny iPhone checking time setup

#9 Typical mess up your iPhone

funny phone memes screenshot

#10 Never forget your phone password.

funny iPhone memes password

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