10 Fresh Memes!#4 Folding Newspaper As iPad Holder In The Flight.

#1 Cool sign “Beware the falling rocks”.

beware the falling rocks

#2 When students roasting each other on the school bus.

bus on fire funny memes

#3 Fidget spinner only for men.

fidget spinner for men

#4 This guy is my hero: folding newspaper as iPad holder for the flight.

funny ipad holder in flight

#5 “Ghost egg…”

ghost egg

#6 No more “Netflix and Chill”…

netflix and chill

#7 Asian Ninjas.

funny Japanese students classroom ninjas



#8 The only proper way to use selfie stick.

selfie stick funny memes

#9 Self-introduction “Not the best but still good.”

so true funny memes

#10 Caution “wet floor”

swim practice

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What do you think?

dog delivering pizza

10 Fresh Pizza Memes Today!#2 A Special Request For Pizza Delivery.

father and son funny memes

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