10 Fresh Memes Today #2 But You See Him Posting Pics On Instagram

#1 Great to see this ancient knowledge is being passed down generations
#2 When he’s not texting you back, but you see him posting pics on instagram…
#3 You don’t wake up with your pet in your mouth
#4 What girls feel like when someone says “you look so much like your dad”
#5 “God please give me a sign for what to do with my life”
#6 To catch the squirrel, one must become the squirrel
#7 DRINK LEMON WATER!!! I drink about 5 huge bottles of these a day and my skin has cleared so much, my skin is legit glowing and I feel less tired, I don’t even need to drink coffee
#8 when your moms talking on the phone and you hear her say your name
#9 The milk situation at work is starting to get a little serious.
#10 the most dangerous and attractive tunnel

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