How to Tell Which LOL Doll Is Inside

How to Tell Which LOL Doll Is Inside

LOL Surprise dolls have taken the toy world storm with their cute and collectible nature. Each doll comes in a surprise ball and is wrapped in layers of mystery. The anticipation of discovering which doll is inside is part of the fun. However, if you’re looking to avoid duplicates or searching for a specific doll, it can be frustrating not knowing what’s inside. Fortunately, there are a few methods you can use to determine which LOL doll is inside the ball before opening it.

1. Check the Series: Each LOL Surprise series has a unique theme and collection of dolls. By identifying the series, you can narrow down the possibilities of which doll is inside. The series is usually indicated on the packaging or ball.

2. Examine the Ball: Different dolls come in different types of balls. Some balls have a clear window or a small hole, allowing you to catch a glimpse of the doll inside. Look closely and see if you can spot any distinctive features or accessories.

3. Feel for Accessories: Gently squeeze the ball and feel for any small accessories or clothing pieces. Some dolls come with hats, shoes, or other accessories that can give away their identity. If you feel a tiny hat or shoes, you might have an idea of which doll is inside.

4. Research Online: The internet is a valuable resource for LOL Surprise collectors. Many websites and forums have detailed lists of dolls from each series, complete with names, descriptions, and even rare or limited editions. By cross-referencing the information, you can have a good idea of which doll you might be getting.

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5. Trade with Other Collectors: If you have duplicates or are looking for a specific doll, consider trading with other collectors. Online communities and social media groups dedicated to LOL Surprise dolls often have trading posts where you can connect with other collectors and exchange dolls.

6. Look for Clues on the Packaging: The packaging of LOL Surprise dolls often includes hints or illustrations that can help you identify the doll inside. Pay attention to any distinctive characteristics or colors that match certain dolls.

7. Analyze the Checklist: Each series of LOL Surprise dolls comes with a checklist that shows all the possible dolls in that series. Study the checklist carefully and compare it with any clues you have from the packaging or ball to narrow down your options.

8. Check for Color-Changing Features: Some LOL dolls have color-changing features when exposed to water. If you have a doll with this feature, dip it in water and see if any color changes occur. This can help you identify the doll based on its color-changing patterns.

9. Use a Blacklight: Certain LOL Surprise dolls have hidden features that can only be revealed under a blacklight. Shine a blacklight on the packaging or ball and look for any secret messages or hidden patterns that match a specific doll.

10. Follow Social Media Channels: LOL Surprise has an active social media presence, with regular updates and announcements about new dolls and series. By following their channels, you can stay up to date with the latest releases and get a sneak peek into what dolls are coming.

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11. Trade with Retailers: Some retailers allow you to trade or return unopened LOL Surprise dolls in exchange for a different one. Check the store’s return policy and see if you can swap your unopened ball for a different doll.

12. Ask Other Collectors: Reach out to other LOL Surprise collectors and ask for their advice or insights on identifying dolls. Many collectors have extensive knowledge and experience with the dolls and might be able to help you determine which one is inside your ball.

13. Enjoy the Surprise: Remember that part of the fun of LOL Surprise dolls is the element of surprise. While trying to determine the doll inside can be exciting, embrace the joy of not knowing and enjoy the surprise when you finally open the ball.

Common Questions:

1. Can I reuse the ball and packaging after opening it? Yes, you can repurpose the ball and packaging for storage or imaginative play.

2. Are all dolls in each series the same? No, each series has a variety of dolls with different outfits, accessories, and features.

3. Can I buy specific dolls individually? Some retailers offer individual LOL Surprise dolls for sale, but they are often more expensive than buying a surprise ball.

4. How many series of LOL Surprise dolls are there? There are currently over 13 series, with new ones being released regularly.

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5. Are there any rare or limited edition dolls? Yes, each series usually includes a few rare or limited edition dolls that are harder to find.

6. Can I collect all the dolls in a series? It can be challenging to collect all the dolls in a series due to the element of surprise, but trading with others can increase your chances.

7. Are LOL Surprise dolls suitable for all ages? LOL Surprise dolls are recommended for children ages 3 and up due to small parts.

8. Can I wash the dolls’ clothes? Yes, you can gently hand wash the dolls’ clothes if they become dirty.

9. How do I store my LOL Surprise dolls? You can use the original ball and packaging or invest in storage containers specifically designed for LOL dolls.

10. Are there any accessories or playsets available for LOL Surprise dolls? Yes, there are numerous accessories and playsets available to enhance your LOL Surprise doll collection.

11. Can I customize my LOL Surprise dolls? Yes, you can personalize your dolls changing their outfits, hairstyles, and even painting their faces (with adult supervision).

12. Are LOL Surprise dolls collectible? Yes, many people enjoy collecting and trading LOL Surprise dolls to complete their collections.

13. Can I buy discontinued LOL Surprise dolls? Discontinued dolls can be challenging to find, but they may be available through online marketplaces or from collectors looking to sell or trade.

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