How Many Series of LOL Dolls Are There

How Many Series of LOL Dolls Are There?

LOL Surprise Dolls have taken the toy industry storm since their introduction in 2016. These collectible dolls, known for their exciting unboxing experience and multitude of surprises, have become a favorite among children and collectors alike. With their popularity continuously growing, it’s natural to wonder just how many series of LOL dolls exist. In this article, we will explore the various series of LOL dolls and provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

LOL Surprise dolls are released in series, each featuring a unique theme, characters, and accessories. As of now, there are thirteen main series of LOL dolls, each with its own distinct characteristics and surprises. Let’s take a closer look at each series:

1. Series 1: The original series that started it all, featuring dolls from the Glitterati, Theater Club, and Retro Club.

2. Series 2: Introduces the Lil Sisters, Tots, and Pets, expanding the LOL Surprise world.

3. Series 3: Introduces new clubs like the Athletic Club, Dance Club, and Spirit Club, along with new characters and accessories.

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4. Series 4: Also known as the Eye Spy series, includes secret messages, spy glasses, and the Under Wraps surprise dolls.

5. Series 5: Features the Hairgoals dolls with real hair to style and accessorize.

6. Series 6: Introduces the Boys series, with male dolls joining the LOL Surprise family.

7. Series 7: Known as the Dance Dance Dance series, this series features dolls with unique dance moves and music.

8. Series 8: Features the Lights series, where dolls have a blacklight surprise and glow in the dark.

9. Series 9: Known as the Sweetie series, introduces new characters and accessories with a sweet theme.

10. Series 10: Features the Sparkle series, with dolls covered in glitter and sparkles.

11. Series 11: Known as the All-Star B.B.s series, includes dolls representing various sports and activities.

12. Series 12: Features the OMG Dance Dance Dance series, which includes larger dolls with dance-themed outfits and moves.

13. Series 13: Known as the Amazing Surprise series, this ultimate unboxing experience includes over 70 surprises and exclusive dolls.

Now, let’s move on to some common questions about LOL dolls:

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1. How many dolls are in each series? Each series typically includes a range of dolls, from 12 to 36 or more.

2. Are the dolls in each series the same? No, each series introduces new characters, themes, and surprises.

3. Can I collect all the dolls from each series? It can be challenging to collect all the dolls from a series, as some dolls are rare or ultra-rare.

4. Are all LOL dolls suitable for all ages? LOL dolls are recommended for children aged 3 and above due to small parts.

5. Are the dolls from different series compatible? Yes, dolls from different series can be mixed and matched, and accessories are usually interchangeable.

6. Are there limited edition dolls? Yes, some dolls are released as limited editions and can be harder to find.

7. Can I buy specific dolls from a series? While dolls are typically sold in blind bags or balls, some retailers offer specific dolls for purchase.

8. Are there any special editions or collaborations? Yes, LOL dolls have collaborated with popular brands like Disney, Hello Kitty, and many more.

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9. Can I trade or sell my duplicate dolls? Yes, many collectors trade or sell duplicate dolls to complete their collections.

10. Are there any rare or valuable dolls? Yes, some rare or ultra-rare dolls can be valuable among collectors.

11. Can I find LOL dolls at any store? LOL dolls are widely available at toy stores, department stores, and online retailers.

12. How often are new series released? New series are typically released every few months, keeping the excitement alive for collectors.

13. Are there any upcoming series or surprises? As of now, information about upcoming series and surprises is not readily available, but stay tuned for exciting announcements.

LOL Surprise dolls have undoubtedly captured the hearts of children and collectors worldwide. With thirteen series and counting, each bringing its own unique surprises and themes, the world of LOL dolls continues to expand. Whether you’re a dedicated collector or a child who enjoys the thrill of unboxing, there’s always something new and exciting to discover in the world of LOL dolls.

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