How Many LOL Surprise Dolls Are There

How Many LOL Surprise Dolls Are There?

LOL Surprise Dolls have taken the toy industry storm since their introduction in 2016. These collectible dolls have become a favorite among children, with their unique surprise element and fashionable accessories. With their growing popularity, many wonder just how many LOL Surprise dolls there are. In this article, we will explore the various series and collections of LOL Surprise dolls and provide answers to 13 common questions about them.

LOL Surprise dolls come in different series and collections, each with its own theme and surprises. As of now, there are several series and collections available, and new ones are continually being released. Let’s delve into the details and answer some common questions about LOL Surprise dolls.

1. How many LOL Surprise dolls are there in total?
As of now, it is challenging to provide an exact number, as new series and collections are regularly released. However, it is estimated that there are over 450 different LOL Surprise dolls available.

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2. How many series of LOL Surprise dolls are there?
There are currently more than 20 series of LOL Surprise dolls, each with unique themes and surprises.

3. What are some popular series of LOL Surprise dolls?
Some popular series of LOL Surprise dolls include Glam Glitter, Hairgoals, Lils, Pets, and Under Wraps.

4. Are there any limited edition LOL Surprise dolls?
Yes, there are several limited edition LOL Surprise dolls. These dolls are often highly sought after collectors due to their rarity and unique features.

5. Are LOL Surprise dolls suitable for all ages?
LOL Surprise dolls are generally recommended for children aged 3 and above due to small parts that can pose a choking hazard for younger children.

6. Can LOL Surprise dolls be customized?
Yes, many LOL Surprise dolls come with accessories and stickers that allow children to customize their dolls’ appearance.

7. Are there boy dolls in the LOL Surprise collection?
Yes, there are boy dolls available in the LOL Surprise collection, such as the “Boys” series.

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8. Do all LOL Surprise dolls come with surprise features?
Yes, the main attraction of LOL Surprise dolls is the surprise element. Each doll is packaged in layers, and as you peel them away, you discover different accessories and features.

9. Can LOL Surprise dolls be used in water?
Some LOL Surprise dolls are designed to be used in water, such as the “Color Change” series. These dolls change color when submerged in cold or warm water.

10. How many accessories come with each LOL Surprise doll?
The number of accessories varies depending on the series and collection. Some dolls may come with a few accessories, while others may have several.

11. Are there any rare LOL Surprise dolls?
Yes, there are rare LOL Surprise dolls that are harder to find than others. These rare dolls often have unique designs or features, making them highly sought after collectors.

12. Can you trade or sell LOL Surprise dolls?
Yes, many collectors trade or sell their LOL Surprise dolls. There are online communities and platforms dedicated to buying, selling, and trading these dolls.

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13. How can I keep track of new LOL Surprise releases?
To stay updated with new LOL Surprise releases, you can follow the official LOL Surprise social media accounts or join online communities dedicated to LOL Surprise dolls. Retailers and toy stores also often announce new releases.

In conclusion, the number of LOL Surprise dolls available is continually growing, with over 450 different dolls estimated to be in circulation. With numerous series and collections, each with its own surprises and themes, LOL Surprise dolls continue to captivate children and collectors alike. Whether you’re a fan of these fashionable dolls or searching for the perfect gift, the world of LOL Surprise dolls offers a wide variety of options to explore.

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