How Many LOL Dolls Are There in the World

How Many LOL Dolls Are There in the World?

LOL dolls have taken the toy industry storm in recent years. With their unique design and surprise factor, these collectible dolls have become a favorite among children and collectors alike. But just how many LOL dolls are there in the world? Let’s dive into the fascinating world of LOL dolls and find out.

LOL dolls, short for “Little Outrageous Littles,” were first introduced the toy company MGA Entertainment in 2016. These dolls come in a ball-shaped packaging and are wrapped in multiple layers, creating an element of surprise. Each layer reveals a different accessory or clue about the doll inside until the final layer unveils the doll itself.

Since their launch, LOL dolls have gained immense popularity, leading to the release of numerous series and collections. As of now, there are several series of LOL dolls, including the original series, Pets, Lil Sisters, Hairgoals, O.M.G. Fashion Dolls, and Boys. Each series introduces new dolls, themes, and characters, making the collection even more diverse and exciting.

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It is estimated that there are over 500 different LOL dolls available worldwide, spread across the various series and collections. However, this number is constantly growing as new dolls are released regularly. MGA Entertainment has been consistently expanding the LOL doll line to cater to the demand of their enthusiastic fan base.

Now, let’s answer some common questions about LOL dolls:

1. Are LOL dolls only for girls?
No, LOL dolls can be enjoyed anyone who appreciates collectible toys and enjoys the surprise element.

2. Can you buy LOL dolls individually, or do you have to purchase the whole series?
Both options are available. You can buy individual LOL dolls from different series or purchase the whole series to complete your collection.

3. Are LOL dolls suitable for all age groups?
LOL dolls are generally recommended for children aged 3 and above due to small parts. However, collectors of all ages can enjoy these dolls.

4. Are all LOL dolls the same size?
No, LOL dolls come in different sizes depending on the series. The original dolls are around 3 inches tall, while the O.M.G. Fashion Dolls are approximately 10 inches tall.

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5. Do LOL dolls come with any accessories?
Yes, LOL dolls come with various accessories such as clothes, shoes, bags, and sometimes even miniature furniture.

6. Can you customize LOL dolls?
Yes, many collectors enjoy customizing their LOL dolls repainting their faces or changing their outfits.

7. Are LOL dolls rare?
Some LOL dolls are considered rare or limited edition, making them more highly sought after collectors.

8. Are there any special editions of LOL dolls?
Yes, MGA Entertainment releases special editions of LOL dolls on occasion. These can include collaborations with popular brands or tie-ins with movies or TV shows.

9. Are LOL dolls valuable?
The value of LOL dolls can vary depending on their rarity, condition, and demand. Some rare dolls have been sold for high prices in the collector’s market.

10. Can you trade or sell LOL dolls?
Yes, many collectors trade or sell their LOL dolls to complete their collections or acquire new ones.

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11. Are LOL dolls environmentally friendly?
The packaging of LOL dolls has faced criticism for its excessive use of plastic. However, efforts have been made to reduce the environmental impact introducing more sustainable packaging options.

12. Are there any LOL doll conventions or events?
Yes, there are LOL doll conventions and events where enthusiasts can come together to showcase their collections, participate in activities, and meet other collectors.

13. How can I keep track of all the LOL dolls released?
There are various online communities and websites dedicated to LOL dolls, where collectors can stay updated on new releases and share their knowledge.

In conclusion, the exact number of LOL dolls in the world is difficult to determine, but there are over 500 different dolls available across the various series and collections. With their ever-expanding range, LOL dolls continue to captivate the hearts of children and collectors worldwide.

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