#1 Always a bridesmaid never a bride ends.
#2 What happens when you wait wait until your wedding day.
#3 Wedding failed.
#4 Wedding meme
#5 When the wedding pits are being taken vs after the reception.
#6 A garter toss might be the weirdest wedding thing ever!
#7 How my future husband better react when he sees me coming down the aisle or else I’m turning around and doing it again.
#8 Honey, I just need one more bottle of vodka.
#9 Bridesmaid hunter
#11 Because a first look needs to be crashed by your best man in a wedding dresses.
#12 My parents invited all their friends & family to a costume party then when people got there they found out it was actually their wedding.
#13 pepperoni pizza wedding dress
source: reddit
#14 The bride stages surprise proposal for best friend at the wedding
#15 Skunk butt spray display.. wedding cake
source: reddit