10 Most Hilarious Wedding Pictures You Can’t Help But Laugh At

All newlyweds hope their wedding day will be a romantic fairy tale. However there’s always some moments which made the wedding hilarious, awkward or touching.  These 10 funniest wedding moments are captured by photographers…

#1 Wedding lunch in McDonalds

Wedding at McDonalds

#2 There’s always a friend photobombing the wedding photo.

photobomb in the wedding

#3 The grandpa’s custom for the medieval themed wedding

medieval themed wedding

#4 The most horrible moment attending friend’s wedding

horrible moment in the wedding

#5 What a coincidence

funny wedding tshirts

#6 A naked guy rolling into the wedding

funny wedding picture

#7 The wedding gift from my mom

wedding gift from mom

#8 Hold wedding in this hotel is like

fetish ball at wedding

#9 Dancing on the ceiling

Dancing On The Ceiling

#10 Batman officiate the wedding

batman at wedding

What do you think?

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