#1. Incredible once in a lifetime shot: Mosquito killed by a dart.

Mosquito killed by a dart.


 #2. Awesome hang-out ideas with your friends on the beach.

Rare pic of the North American bro preparing to hibernate.

#3. If you’re boring because your car is stuck in the drive-thru line.

awesome boredom solution

 #4. A horrible image when your plane is ready for landing.

Wreckage of Dagestan Airlines Flight 372 remains visible to passengers landing at airport in Moscow more than six years after crash


#5. A nightmare in your flight.

nightmare in the airplan

#6. Ireland pub takes your drink seriously.

When you ask for a half pint in Ireland pub, they take it literally.

#7. When you have grandpa twins.

  grandpa's twin

 #8. Funny textbook drawings

genius textbook vandalism

 #9. Stan Lee’s pants got an accident.

funny Stan Lee pant Thor hammer

 #10. Little delicious sloth chocolate croissants.

chocolate croissants look like sloth