10 Hilarious Kids Test Answers That Are So Wrong But Brilliant.

Our new generations going places! Just check out these completely wrong yet brilliant test and homework answer from kids. Those misspellings and innocent answers actually can make you giggling.

#1 Say and write

funny kid test answers "say and write"

#2 Spell “tsih”

elementary school homework building spelling skills

#3 Would you want to swim with the boy in the water?

funny primary school exam answers

#4 Draw a plant cell.

funny kids answers to exams

#5 Make a sentence with word “acount”

hilarious kid homework spell words

#6 Alice is blind.

primary school exam funny answers

#7 What is the strongest force on earth?

funny replay to question: the strongest force on earth

#8 Kids test answers: Unscramble the words.

funny primary school student unscramble the words: kids test answers

#9 Bobby has four dimes…

kid is going places

#10 How Chinese students learn English.

Chinese students learn English

10+ Funny Notes Written By Kids.

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