Our new generations going places! Just check out these completely wrong yet brilliant test and homework answer from kids. Those misspellings and innocent answers actually can make you giggling.

#1 Say and write

funny kid test answers "say and write"

#2 Spell “tsih”

elementary school homework building spelling skills

#3 Would you want to swim with the boy in the water?

funny primary school exam answers

#4 Draw a plant cell.

funny kids answers to exams

#5 Make a sentence with word “acount”

hilarious kid homework spell words

#6 Alice is blind.

primary school exam funny answers

#7 What is the strongest force on earth?

funny replay to question: the strongest force on earth

#8 Kids test answers: Unscramble the words.

funny primary school student unscramble the words: kids test answers

#9 Bobby has four dimes…

kid is going places

#10 How Chinese students learn English.

Chinese students learn English

10+ Funny Notes Written By Kids.