#1  Cat makes wife becomes a side chick.

cat's reminder

#2 Dog memes: dog report missing owner at police office.

dog reporting missing owner

#3 Day care in Alabama

day care in Alabama

#4 A spider in the bathroom calls for extreme measures

beware spider ahead

via Dailymail

#5 If it works, it ain’t stupid.

fix aircraft engine with duct tape

#6 Genius household idea: Trust me, I’m an engineer.

genius idea for household

#7 Common White Girl Party Dress Code: Wearing Ugg shoes.

my sister has friends over

#8 Heartwarming moment at airport.

toddlers hug it out at airport

#9 The worst semester so far.

worst semester so far

#10 When you ask your dog “who is a good boy”

funny dog good boy

10 Puns Illustrations.