It’s been 20 years since the first Harry Potter book was published. People on the internet keep on making funny Harry Potter memes. Enjoy these  hilarious Harry Potter memes that only true fans will understand and laugh at.

#1 The snake was talking.


#2 What’s life without little risk? – Sirius Black


#3 Wizard liquor


#4 Harry Potter doesn’t even go here.


#5 Invisibility cloaks in the supermarket

invisibility cloaks

#6 When somebody says Harry Potter sucks…


#7 I don’t look for trouble, but trouble usually finds me. — Harry Potter

lord and savior lord voldemort

#8 When you missed the train to Hogwarts

miss the train to hogwarts

#9 An old photo of  Daniel Radcliffe as a woman.

old photo of Daniel Radcliffe

#10 The dark lord has returned

siriusly meme

#11 Spam from Hogwarts

spam from hogwarts

#12 This fan as a mother

fan of harry potter

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