10 Fresh Pictures Today!#5 How Grandma Is Enjoying Gym Membership.

#1 Show this picture to your professor to explain why you’re late for the class, because the bus is filled with potatoes.

bus filled with potatoes driving around

#2 Too high is when you’re high and start hearing colors.

kid dedicating to science

#3 A cat who thought she is a hen, now she is brooding eggs.

cat sitting on the eggs

#4 How to build up a brutal scene in a snowy day.

first time parent

#5 How Grandma is enjoying Gym membership.

grandma in GYM

#6 Someone even wrote a poem for this dog mop: my name is mop, i’m not a dog, plz dip me in the soapy sog”

mop dog keki

via dirtydutch

#7 Awesome parents restored some joy to their son, they build up a mini Block Buster for their autistic son.

parents made mini blockbuster at home

#8 As a daily commuter, this guy is my hero. “a guy playing ps4 in train”

ply sky rim in subway

#9 Why Windows 10 wants you to recommend it to a friend?

recommend windows 10

#10 The moment I’ve never been so disappointed in my life. “Whataburger prints a French fry on the plate paper”

the last French fry

Stray Cat Who Found A Job In A Nursing Home.

What do you think?

Ariana Grande kneels on very tiny stool funny

10 Celebrity Memes Today!#1 Ariana Grande On Mythbusters.

zoo gorilla lecture

10 Fresh Memes Today!#1 A Gorilla Gives A Philosophy Lecture At Zoo.