#1. How to properly use the car rear spoiler.

Car spoiler: Finally I understand why cars have these things.

2. Transporting multiple buckets of paints in the van…

a car accident while hauling

3. “Choo, choo, I’m a train”–If you believe it, you can be it!

If you believe it, you can be it

4. Seeing a glass truck with its stupid teeth on the highway.

funny truck face

 5. The rear signs of trucks are really confusing.

funny signs on the road

 6. Honest description of your used car: beats walking.

funny car for sale ad

7. When the woman is driving: Am I over the line?

first problem of car parking

8. Eating cereal and driving

car accident

9. Google self-driving car is so show-off.

Google self-driving car with chrome

10. When your oven hates your car so much…

oven in car