Thinking outside the box is a good way to solve problems. Those 10+ genius people who get their things done with some unique “smart” solutions.

#1 Subway Anti-Crowded Solution

think outside the box:anti-crowded subway solution

#2 Instant marker for fixing broken socks.

fixing broken socks solution

#3 “Let the people decorate their own wine bottle!”–Champagne marketer.

champagne marker decorates wine bottle sweet cuvee

#4 The way to cool your hot soup.

how to drink hot soup properly

#5 Facetime your Playstation, play it remotely.

facetime playstation play remotely
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#6 The craziest Foosball ever.

genius people playing foosball with Bosch cordless screwdriver

#7 This guy found a way to avoid all the bills.

funny postal box

#8 Pan-Iron.

funny iron shirt with water pan

#9 Weather forecasting stone

weather forecasting stone

#10 Genius people: Flight overweight baggage is never a problem!

flight extra luggage overweight issues and tips

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