1. Ask your boss for a raise.

Finally work up the courage to tell my boss I work hard and deserve a small raise, he disagrees as he thinks I need a big raise.

ask boss for small raise

2. How you feel after work for an hour.

Sweet Jesus, grant me the power to deal with this bullshit.

at work for an hour

3. Calling in sick to work.

Me when I’m thinking of calling in sick of work…

call in sick to work

4. Co-worker was reading 50 shades of grey.

My co-worker was reading 50 shades of grey on her break…I thought this was essential for store safety.

co worker reading 50 shades of grey

5. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome…Just accidentally emailed a NSFW link to a co-worker. So I emailed ten other co-workers the link and called it a virus.

Improvise, adapt, overcome

6. Free food in the office lunchroom.

When you’re at work and someone says there’s free food in the lunchroom.

free food in the lunch room

7. From an infantry marine to a nurse.

My friend was an infantry marine, now he is a nurse.

infantry marine now a nurse

8. Leaving work with your co-workers.

Let’s just get blackout drunk, and forget about this entire experience.

me and co-workers leaving work

9. Savage co-workers

Officer manager put a notice “only print black and white” on the color printer…

My coworkers must enjoy conflict

10. Cute but useless co-worker

Bring a cute puppy to your office, call him a cute but useless co-worker.

useless new coworker