#1 Co-workers locked milk cartons in the office refrigerator, say no to food thieves!

strange people at office

#2 The best health experts recommendations for your job.

Health experts recommend standing up at desk, leaving office, never coming back.

#3 When you have a childish boss but you have to deal with him every day.

wall clock at office

#4 The pain of getting up in the morning for the job.

wake up in the morning

#5 Small tricks to impress your interviewer.

Successful Job Interview:Interviewer: It says that you are extremely fast at Math. What is 34x23? Me: 45 Interviewer: That's not even close Me: Yeah but it was fast.

#6 Office awkwardness: when you forgot to turn off your projector and still watching something NSFW.

projector was still on

#7 Work on the weekend

lucky working day

#8 The last-minute-call from your boss.

Leonardo DiCaprio meme

#9 A sufficient way to celebrate colleague’s birthday with a card of a checklist.

#10 No more responsibilities only naps.

funny office meme