#1 Shark stubbed its toe on a coral reef.

funny shark shouting face in ocean.

#2 Sums up things I LIKE.

funny things I like

#3 We Rate Dogs: throw a ball, came back with a potato.

funny weratedog: Throw a ball, came back with a potato

#4 The happiest toilet paper.

Target store: funny toilet paper

#5 Now we understand the Japanese!

Foreign visitors: organized Japanese

#6 Dog lover couple life.

funny pictures: husband hugging dog sleeping

#7 Taking a bubble bath.

funny picture bubble bath

#8 That moment when you realize it’s time to go to gym.


#9 Funny pictures: Get the hint, hooman!

funny cat pictures: play with toy

#10 The only motivational quote I like.

funny quotes: happiness and 5 million dollars