#1 Cat backpack is not innovative, it is horrifying!

funny cat backpack expectation and reality

#2 LOL, it’s true!

funny art memes monopoly

#3 This cat is done with his homan.

funny cat memes pink frog

#4 Cat going outside for the first time, and the last.

funny cat pictures going outside first time

#5 He is fabulous.

funny dogs with words

#6 This puppy is thinking about where his life is going.

funny dogs with words sad song

#7 Turn over the rock!

funny pictures painting rock

#8 How we feel about presidential election 2016

funny pictures presidential election 2016

#9 The bad thing is your dog crapped on your 800 USD carpet, the worst thing is your iRobot vacuum cleaned it!

Robot vacuum dog craps on carpet

#10 Wondering what kind of person will take this training “how to bathe a cat?”

training about how to bathe a cat