10 Funny Pictures Today! #3 Terminal Love Story.

#1 That shared look.

Actor Steven Seagal Visits Russia On The Invite Of Vladimir Putin Photo by Sasha Mordovets on Getty Images

#2 Two things will not calm down your ovaries.

Dog takes care of baby sleeping

#3 Terminal Love Story.

Two passengers meet at airport, having a long talking to each other, like a terminal love story

#4 Puns: Adventures of rubber band and hairpin

funny pun: rubber band and hairpin

#5 Cute chunky baby gets X-rays

How babies get X-rays in hospital

#6 LOL life hacks: Calling family meeting nowadays.

funny life hacks: calling family meeting, turn off the wife router.

#7 This cow is reading.

Funny cow reading board

#8 Watermelon Birdo.

Cute watermelon bird

#9 This kid going places, other kids just can’t deal with it.

Funny kid playing football wearing sunglasses

#10 Funny couple T-shirt: 99 problems

funny couple T-shirt

What do you think?

Funny cross eyed cat

Meet Lily The Cross Eyed Cat, Who Looks Permanently Confused.

College student life hacks: DIY hammock

10+ College Life Hacks: The Ultimate Guide For College Students.