#1 Brave girl stole her bike back.

girl's bike was stolen, then she stole her bike back

#2 Rug has eyes.

camouflage cat hide in black rug

#3 When your husky hurt his foot

Master hold his husky hurt his foot.

#4 Joe Biden got more upvotes these days than last 8 years

funny Joe Biden memes with Obama

#5 Full quote from Thomas Fuller: “Seeing is believing”.

Thomas Fuller complete quote: seeing is believing.

#6 This is cute: cat cuddled up dog who is terrified with fireworks.

dog is terrified of fireworks, cat cuddled up with dog.

#7 Things ruined by cat.

funny things ruined by cat

#8 Funny pictures: Hot police officer knows how to pose.

funny hot police officer poses for photo taking

#9 Cat gets his own TV.

funny cat watching fish tank as watching TV

#10 So he got another medal from President of USA.

Tom Hanks awarded Medal of Freedom by Obama