#1 Dog-friendly gate.

funny dog friendly gate. Owner made holes for dogs

#2 Shark attack noddle bowl.

Amazon shark attack noddle bowl
Here is the link, because we love you!

#3 Pigeon’s new album cover in 2017.

funny pigeon photos, like a music album

#4 Proud hedgehog mommy.

Proud hedgehog mommy and her new born babies

#5 Silent fury comes with bigger avenge.

Angry cat after bath

#6 Cute Japanese Shiba squad.

Cute Japanese shiba dogs smiles

#7 You had one job.

"You had one job" memes: funny advertisement wrong placement.

#8 How news report nowadays: Obama drinks a Pepsi.

funny pictures: how news agencies report: Obama drinks Pepsi

#9 Funny pictures:Jeremy Clarkson in hospital

funny Jeremy Clarkson in hospital

#10 George Bush is good at painting.

George Bush is very good at painting.